Week 2

13 Sep

My plan for the first project is to take two photos: one of the ground and one of a skyline. I’m then going to use Photoshop to pass the images through some filters to give them a more stylized look. I will then use Maya to model a set of frames that are hinged together, similar to traditional diptychs. From there I am going to model a series of three or four layers on the image planes to give the pictures a 3d look. Then a will map the Photoshoped images onto the layered model so that the whole thing looks like a stylized painting on a 3d base. I’m going to make the skyline image the pattern, and the ground one into texture. To make the goals more apparent, I will make the skyline image’s surface look like a light sanded wood, and the other image look like a rough porous stone.

Here are the images I’m planing on using – both the originals and the Photoshoped versions:

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One response to “Week 2

  1. Tom

    September 19, 2010 at 1:12 am

    I like the idea of creating a ‘physical’ 3D model with the images displayed on it. What I’m not completely sold on yet is what we’ll be seeing in the frame. You might want to spend some time thinking about the space which the frame will occupy in the computer (is it a blank space? kind of boring… is it the surface of Mars? Maybe… Is it a landfill? Maybe… I think that should be addressed). That might really inform what’s in the frame (what the images should be). Why are you showing us these images (the sky and ground)? The breaking up into layers is interesting, but why? Think some more about what the goal of the piece is (at this point, it seems like it could just as easily be the ceiling of a room and the floor… why outside?) For Wednesday, I’d like to see a few more things posted along these lines… 1) Why these images (what’s the reasoning/ the story behind it)? Write this out 2) Where is this frame? What is that space? 3) Images (The 3D model, three variations on what might be in the frame, and more work on how the image will look. Using painting filters in Photoshop probably isn’t enough. Try some different techniques… maybe cutting up multiple photos, using construction paper, rendering it/ painting it yourself, or a combination of all these techniques, but I think we need to push it more). Will be looking for these things on Wednesday. Thanks!



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