Week 3

19 Sep

Over this week I managed to finish the frame model, finished the shading and texturing of the frame, and set up the scene for tweaking.  As it stands, all I need to do on the CG side is set up the scene environment and lighting for the final render, and optimize everything.  I decided not to go with the 3D layered look right now, but I’m going to keep the idea for down the road.  I think the look needs the entire project to be built around it, and would just be distracting when you add the images on top of it all.  I’m happy with how everything is turning out, but I do not like the top panel’s image.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the images yet, but I’m going to focus on the lighting and scene set up for now, and worry about that down the road.  I do think the bottom image is good, and I want to keep it, I’m just not positive how to integrate it with another image.  Also, I’m starting to lean towards just leaving the images unaltered photographs.  Finally, the only other thing I can think of to change is the color/brightness of the frame.  I keep making it darker, but it is rendering too bright and red, so that is something I need to work out.


I’ve been thinking more about what to do with the images, and I think I have a solution.  What I want to do is keep the original photo on the bottom frame, and then use photoshop to create a night time version for the top.  The idea is to show a single place, but at different points in time.  It would contrast the light and color, and would show how a single place can demonstrate both texture and pattern by looking at it in a different way.  It’s not the most complicated concept, but it would allow me to execute it quickly.  That way I can focus on the more important person goal for this project, which is to learn to create more photo realistic lighting and scene set ups.

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