Week 4

27 Sep

At this point I am almost completely done.  I changed the background and floor, altered the color and contrast of the frame, flipped and upped the exponent on the HDRI, and tweaked the overall lighting.  I’m happy with how it is turning out, and the only thing I still need to do is throw out the final render.  I know that the upper panel’s cloud image could still use some work, but I have simply run out of time.  My plan is to go in on Monday, and grab a free computer during my comp. anim. class to render out the final image.

Here is the image as it was at the end of class on Wednesday:

And here it is in its pre-final state:

The only thing I am concerned about, is that my computer at home has a bright monitor, and has never been calibrated.  I did all the lighting work at school, so the image should be the right brightness, but I’m not sure how it looks on other computers.

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One response to “Week 4

  1. Tom

    September 27, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    that is always a tricky thing (color across monitors). and there is very little you can do (unless you check it on all the monitors you plan on showing it on, and you can’t know what settings someone out in the world will be running their monitor on, so you do the best you can). I think they look fine. Just posting a few of the notes we talked about in class as well here. Playing with rearranging the clouds into more of a pattern (not in your face/ obvious but sliding them around in the sky a bit to reflect maybe a more organized placement without making it look to staged). Also the different environments that you might be placing the images in. It would be nice to see a presentation outside somewhere (not all inside with concrete). I don’t feel a real definite decision has been made with the environments you are placing this frame into (these feel kind of halfway there… there is texture and pattern, with the brick, but I think you could be much more deliberate… tile floor or countertop with pattern and maybe an outside environment with texture, lots of leaves and dirt, etc). That would also be more solid I think in terms of the concept. Inside/ outside… Technology/ nature… Right now, its just in two different inside spaces. Remember the idea of texture and pattern within texture and pattern and push that environment the frame is in a little further. I’d really like to see an outside shot for Wednesday (mock it up if you have to. Doesn’t have to be perfect, but I’d be much more interested in seeing the concept more complete than worrying about having a perfect image at this point). Story and concept key. See you wednesday. TOM


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