Project Ron Saks, week one

10 Nov

This project has been tough for me to make a decision on what I want to do for it.  I have a backup idea if we don’t think the first one can work, but if I can, I would like to keep that for a full dedicated project down the road.  My plan is this: I want to tell a short story using the character I talked about in the last project (and that I am working on right now in Comp. Anim.).  I thought about making a full-blown animation, but due to time concerns, and my participation in the pipeline project, I don’t think that is possible.  So instead, what I want to do is tell the story in four fully realized panels; similar to a four panel comic.  I would do all the modeling, rigging, texturing, ect. in Comp. Animation, then create the environment, pose the character, and render out the panels for this class.  This is going above and beyond what would be expected for Comp. Animation, so it would be more like I am just using a model I already have, to work on a fully rendered four panel storyboard.


As far as the actual story goes, that is where I’m most lost.  My rough idea is to have the soldier character sitting on top of a hill underneath a leaf looking over a valley in the first panel.  He then sees some insect moving into his territory, and slides down a short slope of the hill to get behind a stick because it is  a better position.  The third frame would be a scoped image (the insect in a round frame with a cross hair overlay) seen seconds after the first shot is fired.  The insect would be alerted and looking at the camera, and a small puff of smoke would be beside it to show that the character missed.  The last panel would then be of him jumping over the stick to give chase to the now fleeing insect.  I think the story is all there, but I’m not sure how solid or deep it is (or needs to be for the project for that matter).


And to just reiterate a description of the character, he would be a chibi soldier character, that is tiny in a honey I shrunk the kids vibe.  He would have a Remington 700 with him, and be wearing jungle fatigues and one of those wet weather hats I have pictured from the last project description.  Keeping in that vein, the environment obstacles would be large versions of normally small objects, and the overall scene would be scaled up to match the small size of the character.  I’m not sure what kind of insect I want to portray either, but I’m thinking a ladybug, because I think it would be fairly easy to model and texture.


PS:  Do you still want me to turn in that portrait project?  I still have the initial work I did for it, so there is very little left to do, but I’m not sure if you will still except it this late.

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