Project Ron Sacks Update

01 Dec

At this point I have finished the block in for the character’s body, and finalized his head, neck, arms, and hands.  The torso and legs are just going to be used as a template for the clothes I will be modeling this week.  I have half of his hat finished, and will move onto his boots, pants, belt, and shirt from there.  I will be using the reference photos from the last project for the clothes.  As for where the character design came from, I started a figure using a collection of chibi/super deformed drawn characters, but it wasn’t coming out the way I wanted.  I decided to just delete that figure and start again with a new story, scene design, and a new character design based on a set of image planes I already had from a 3d buzz modeling tutorial.  I didn’t make that character , but just used the image planes to make it easier to shape the model and keep it in proportion.

Here are the image planes I used:

Here is the characer as it now:

I will update you over the weekend with the details of the short story I have planed.  Right now I just want to finish the character and move on to creating the UVs, materials, and textures.  Once I have a better idea of how the character is going to turn out, I will be able to move forward with the story revisions.  I will say this though, I wanted to make him a sniper, but I’m worried about time so I’m going to give him a gun I have already modeled but still need to texture.  This will considerably speed up the process since I will only need to make the character, his landscape, then do just a bit of work on the gun.

Here is the socom:

And finally, you had asked what I wanted to focus on specifically for this project.  I want to focus the majority of my efforts on the creation (modeling, texturing, ect.) of this character, and later on,  posing him for the shots.  I have never made a character before, nor have I tried to make skin materials or textured.  This will also be the first time I have rigged, weighted, and posed a non rigid bodied model.  The creation of characters is a very important step, and I want to try and prove myself there more so then the rest of the project.

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