Semester 2, Week 3

02 Feb

Post for the treatment for the movie:

The movie opens with a brightly lit scene of the sky at sunset above the clouds.  From off screen an F/A-18 drifts into frame, showing it cruising at high altitude.  Off in the distance, the clouds turn dark and lightning strikes can be seen illuminating a storm.  As the plane approaches the darkness, it drops into the cloud layer and begins to speed up.  As the clouds clear, a raging storm can be seen above the now visible ocean below.  The camera centers up on the plane, seen flying directly at a large, dark shape far in the distance.  The shape is seen to be a small island through the occasional light of lightning strikes.  The scene shifts to a dormant metal and concrete structure standing silent in a forest also consumed by the storm.   The frame cuts back to the plane, where it is seen struggling to maintain a level flight in the high winds.  The camera cuts closer in on the jet with a wide angle lens so that the island seems to be closer to the plane than it is.  While the camera is close in alarms can be heard, and a slight red blink can be seen from the cockpit.  Back on land, the structure is seen activating.  A large metal box that was on top begins to move and swivel out; reveling itself to be a SAM launcher.  The camera moves back to the plane where it is seen screaming across the frame at full afterburner with trails of rain streaking off the wings.  The plane banks downward, now flying low over the water.  The island seems to be approaching faster now.  The red lights are seen flashing again, and a new type of alarm is now heard softly over the roar of the engines and the noise of the storm.  The plane cuts hard, but remains low to the water.  Now we see the SAM site firing a missile that quickly gains altitude over the treetops and swings around toward the plane.  From the sights of the projectile, we slowly see the plane come into frame.  The plane pulls up harshly, as the engines are heard to strain under the abrupt maneuver.  The plane’s turn is then reversed, as it falls into a tight upward spiral.  The evasive maneuver was not enough however, and the missile quickly closes the gap.  In one last desperate attempt, the pilot pulls the plane back and down into a dive.  It is not enough however, and just as the plane begins to pull up from the dive, the SAM hits the plane’s center body.  The frame cuts to black just as the missile hits the plane, but sounds of the impact and destruction can still be heard.

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