Semester 2, Week 4

09 Feb

I decided to cut out the opening scenes (above the clouds and flying through it) from the animation.  The main reason for this change is time.  I’m going to be tight on time all semester, so I would rather focus on the environments and effects that are most important, and that I am most able to implement with quality.  The second reason is to streamline the action in the movie.  I am shooting for a short ~1 minute movie, and adding seconds adds render time.  Because of that, screen time is at a premium.  By removing that opening scene, I am able to move the viewer straight into the action and not waste time in areas that don’t focus on the action (which is what I want to emphasize in this movie).  With that in mind, here is the the revised treatment for the project:

The movie opens to a scene at night over the ocean, during a raging storm. Lightning is seen striking in the distance, while rumbles of thunder are heard a short time after. Suddenly an F/A-18 slides into the frame from off screen, traveling away from the camera. The camera shifts to above the plane, where more of the environment can be seen. The plane is at cruising speed, traveling at about a thousand feet. The plane is on a recon mission, so it is lightly armed. The plane swings down and to the right, away from the camera. The camera starts to track the plane, but then pans over to the plane’s target; an island in the distance. A lightning strike illuminates the island before we cut back to the plane. It is flying lower to the water now, and straight at the island. The scene shifts to the side of a cliff where a makeshift tunnel leads out onto a small outcropping. Partially inside the tunnel, an old SAM site sits dormant, with rain falling over it. The frame cuts back to the plane, where it is seen struggling to maintain a level flight in the high winds. The camera cuts closer in on the jet near the cockpit, while looking at the island; still in the distance. While the camera is close in, alarms can be barley be heard over the sounds of flight and storm, but a slight red blink can be still be seen from the cockpit. Back on land, the structure is seen activating. The missile housing swings up and begins tracking the plane. The camera is looking at the SAM from the ocean side, into the cliff, so the plane is not in sight. The camera moves back to the plane where it is seen screaming across the frame at full afterburner with trails of rain streaking off the wings. The plane banks left trying to to run from the island; still remaining low to the water. The red lights are seen flashing from the cockpit again, and a new type of alarm (faster and more intense) is now heard softly over the roar of the engines and the noise of the storm. The camera cuts to a shot where it is moving with the plane, but focused on the island. We now see the SAM site again, continuing to track the plane for a second, then firing off one of it’s missiles. The camera follows the missile as it leaves it’s rack and travels out over the ocean. It falls off slightly after launching, but quickly gains speed and altitude. Cut back to the plane, we see it completing it’s turn, but also see the missile approaching from behind. The plane pulls up harshly, as the engines are heard to strain under the abrupt maneuver. The plane’s turn is reversed, as it rises into a tight upward spiral. At the top of it’s rise, the plane is upside down. The engines are briefly slowed, and the plane begins to pull up towards the ocean. The camera cuts back to a shot of the missile, now seen flying through the rain at full speed, seemingly unaffected by the rain, wind, and evasive maneuvers. We jump to the plane as it begins to fall verticly towards the ocean. The nose is pulled up, and the engines are pushed again, as the plane attempts to level out near the water. The evasive maneuver was not enough however, and the missile quickly closes the gap. In one last desperate attempt, the pilot pulls the plane into another arcing bank to the left. It is not enough however, and just as the plane begins to pull left, camera shifts to the sights of the missile as it nears it’s target. We see one final shot as the two objects collide. The SAM was able to out turn the plane, and hit it in it’s center mass. The frame cuts to black just as the missile hits the plane, but sounds of the impact and destruction can still be heard.

And here is a copy of the project timeline:

-F/A-18 detail modeling: 2/9
-Final details and tweaking: 2/11
-UV Layouts: 2/13
-Texture maps and shader network: 2/23
-Cliff face and SAM site modeling: 3/7
-UV, texture maps, and shader network: 3/16
-Ocean system: 3/25
-Background images and firsts pass scene lighting: 4/1
-Rigging, animation, and effects: 4/2 – 4/22
-Technical direction in preparation for rendering: 4/26
-Rendering, compositing, editing, sound, and video encoding: 4/27 – 5/10
-Finished movie turned in: 5/11

I am running a bit behind due to work in other classes last weekend and this week, so I haven’t been able to get those idea boards down yet.  My current plan is to get those boards out by next Wednesday, and to revise them for the 16’th.  I want to have the boards finalized by the 23’rd, and have some concept sketches for the SAM site by the 2’nd.  I also want to run out a base B&W render to start doing color samples on by next Wednesday.  I have a meeting with Charlotte Tomorrow, and she should be the last person I need to talk to (fingers crossed).

Here is a pre-production timeline for the next month’ish:

-Revised treatment, production timeline, and meetings finished: Feb. 9
-Idea boards and plane color samples: Feb. 16
-Revised boards: Feb. 23 (Full story boards, larger boards and better quality)
-Concept sketches for the SAM Site and plane progress: March 2 (progress is to determine if you want any changes before I finish the plane entirely)

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