Semester 2, Week 6

23 Feb

Ok, the UV layouts for the plane are 100% complete, and I’m ready to start the texture maps.  Unfortunately, I am behind by almost a week on my schedule at this point.  Things are moving along fine, but the work is taking longer than expected due to work in my other classes.  On the plus side, I was able to recruit a girl named Alison for a bit of help in the next step of modeling.  She isn’t going to help much, but I’m hoping that between her and spring break down the road, I can catch up.  I have her working on the cliff face/cave/outcropping model that I will need after I am done with the jet.  I already gave her all the sketches and reference photos, and she should start work this weekend.  Also, like I said last week, The SAM site and SAM’s themselves will be far, far easier to model, UV, and texture.  That ease should catch me up a day or two as well.  The SAM reference photos are in last week’s post below, and I can upload the cliff sketches if needed.

After deliberating and talking to Michelle, I decided to go with this color scheme for the jet:

I will do a more detailed color sample for next week (I’m going to start it asap to use as a guide in the texturing process).

And finally, I’ve been doing a lot of research into the effects I will use, and how to go about implementing them.  Here is the list:

Known technique and implementation, Known technique, but not implementation, Unknown technique and implementation

-Jet Engine; Internal animation/glow

-Jet Engine; Thermal exhaust

-Jet Engine; Heat distortion

-Jet Canopy; Cockpit internal alarm flashes

-Jet Body; Running lights (not sure if I’m going to include this one)

-SAM; Missile thermal exhaust

-SAM; Missile smoke

-Environment; Rain

-Environment; Lightning in clouds

-Environment; Visible lightning

I will re-post this every so often to keep it updated as I learn more.  The green means I know how to make that effect, have done it before, and have tested the method.  What the orange means is that I know what I need to do (and how I’m going to do it), but I have not tested the method to make sure it will work.  The red means I am unsure about how to go about making the effect, mainly because there are multiple ways to go about it.  Still, I have researched them all, and know at least one way to add each into the scene.  As the plane comes to a close, I will play around with some of these effects to make sure that it will be easy to add them when the time comes.  And of course, I will continue to research and ask around.

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