Semester 2, Week 7

01 Mar

There isn’t too much to post about this week, but here goes.  First off, I want to address my production timeline.  I have until the 7’th to finish the models for the missile and SAM site (since Alison is helping me with the cliff model).  I still need to finish the texturing of the jet, and it is not an option to skimp on that front.  It is my main actor, and will be in front of the camera the most, so I can’t just throw a quick material on it and call it done.  However, I also understand the need to stick with the timeline.  So I decided to push the texturing off to the side, and start working on the other models.  This immediately puts me back on track.  I will then simply texture the plane bit by bit over the rest of the semester.  This will mean progress on the textures will be slow, but consistent, and it will mean I don’t need to push super hard to get them done and risk going over on my timeline again.

As far as the textures themselves go, I have decided to scrap the original paint job idea.  Instead I am going to make a much easier set of textures that better resembles the real planes.  I originally thought the military gray they are painted was too simple, but I don’t have the time to make a more complicated color map on top of everything else.  It is a bit of a downgrade, but will still look good, and I will have more/better reference shots to use.  I will still be going for photo-realism in the maps.

And finally, I will post up some of the model shots I made for my demo reel.  I don’t think you have seen the finished model yet.

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