Project Update

20 Apr

Things are looking pretty good to hit my render date next week.  All of the modeling, texturing, materials, rigging, lighting, environments, and initial render settings are in place.  Many problems have come up and been solved, ranging from getting command line rendering to work on the school computers, increasing render stability, fixing and improving major flaws with the default physical sun and sky, to getting the island placed into the ocean scene.  Most of the render layers are in place and ready to go, and I have been able to add, and then fix, issues with ambient occlusion and depth of field.  I am just about able to render out and composite final images, but it is a time consuming process so I don’t have any new images right now.  The new jet textures are being worked on by Dewon right now, and will be ready for next week.  Again, I am basicly able to get finished images at the moment, so the only things left to do are the animation and special effects.  The animation is in progress, and I will try to get something up on vimeo before the weekend for you to look at.  I know what I need to do for the effects, so they shouldn’t be a problem, and I will start them probably Saturday – Sunday.

I know that updates have kind of fallen off recently, but a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes, and I have made some serious head way.  The animation is running a bit behind, but will not be a problem to finish.  All of the ground work is in place, so once those two things are finished, I will just need to implement my render plan.  More importantly, I have already tested that plan, so I know which layers I can render on the school computers, and all of the bugs have been worked out.  Other than the work that still needs to be done, the only major concern I have is, of course, render time.  I should have enough time, but until I get final benchmarks for each layer, I will not know what I’m looking at.  Still, I’m hoping to get most of it output within the first week after my render date next Wednesday.

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