Emblem Beta Release

19 Sep

After many redesigns, rewrites, and optimizations, I am finally releasing my new Maya tool Emblem in a beta test state.  Emblem is a tool designed to quickly and painlessly generate texture maps by duplicating decals you input across an object’s surface.  These decals have a random position and size (within a settable range), but the positions are hit tested against the object’s uv shells so they will always appear within those shells.  Decals will not be generated, in blank space wasting file size, or along a uv seam, bringing attention to said seam.

Here is a picture demonstration:

GUI_Image emblemDemo

As you can see, I was generating 600 small blue dots, 300 medium green dots below the blue ones, and 150 larger red dots below both.  Emblem uses alpha testing when placing images to allow for the overlapping images.  All you need to do is run the tool, set you decal map save location, format, and sizes. Then add as many decal layers as you want, setting the number of decals each layer will have, the size variances, and the decal’s image (double clicking the source image location will load a file browser). Finally, select the object you want to generate the map for, target it with the target button, and hit the generate button.  The tool will do its work and show you progress bars at each step of the way.  Then you can grab the generated image from the location you specified, and use it as you see fit.

Some disclaimers:

  1. The program is still in a testing phase, so while it functions, there are no help files or extra documentation at the moment
  2. Due to the beta state, bugs, errors, and other inconsistencies may happen. Please report them to me so I can fix them
  3. Emblem’s GUI is running off of PyQt. That means you will not be able to open the tool unless you have it installed along side your Maya install
  4. Emblem was built for Maya 2013 x64 and may not function or it could look odd in any other version. I am very interested in seeing how it looks/works in other versions, so if you try it in other versions of Maya please send me the results

Where to get PyQt:

A pre-built version of PyQt for Maya 2013 x64 can be found here: Simply unzip the file Nathan has provided, and drop the contents into: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2013\Python\Lib\site-packages. This file will -NOT- work for the 32 bit version of Maya or any other Maya releases.


Simply unzip the file linked below and place the Emblem folder into your Documents\Maya\Scripts directory.  Then open maya and run the script by opening your script editor, selecting source script, and running from the Emblem folder you just placed.


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