Walking Game Table


This project started off as an exercise in my computer animation 3 class involving the creation, rigging, and animation of a walking game table.  As a class we decided to take this project further and put all of our tables together in a single animation, while doing a bit of live action compositing on the side.  After finding a good location on campus, we went out and shot an HDRI sequence and gathered lighting information to help us build the lighting environment in Maya.  We then shot a short video to set up the story, and worked from there to bring it all together.

For my part of the group portion of the project, I shot, merged, and painted the HDR environment images, created the light/environment setup in Maya, setup the render settings (globals, indirect lighting, additional layers), and supervised the compositing of the images with the live action footage.  Of course, I also did all of the modeling through animation work on my own game table as well.



(Click to Enlarge)


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