Game Description:

“Hatch-It is a charming and whimsical puzzle game where you must work fast, smart, and creatively as a giant asteroid threatens to forever change the world of the dinosaurs.

With prehistoric island backdrops and diverse environments, Dr. Tyrannosaurus, Ph.D, creates a trusty (but rickety) robot companion to find, hatch, and rescue as many dinosaurs as possible. It all depends on you to navigate the danger and overcome numerous challenges as dinosaurs with unique personalities and abilities stand in your way. “Hatch-It!” offers an immersive experience in vibrantly colored landscapes with puzzles based on critical thinking skills while new, thematically-linked elements will be introduced through the different worlds, keeping game play fresh and engaging.

Can you save all of the dinosaurs from impending doom? Can you send yourself back to your time before you yourself are doomed? The dinos are waiting, can you Hatch It?”

Hatch-It has been released for IOS devices.

Work Description:

Some Highlights of my work as Senior Technical Artist on this project:

  • Lead a team of five during production, in addition to my other duties
  • Devised a new level creation system based on individual configurable tiles to add level design flexibility
  • Wrote a host of new shaders to support the new toon shaded style and various effects
  • Produced an integrated lighting system that interfaced with the games fog, shadows, and post process effects, giving artists simple but powerful control over the entire lighting solution
  • Revised all particle effect systems, and water/tar effects
  • Created a new version of the robot main character, doing everything from modeling to animation; with the exception of textures
  • Took care of UI, animation, audio, and asset implementation
  • Filled in gaps in art asset creation and C# programming efforts as needed to meet production deadlines


(Click to Enlarge) – level design as well as most models and textures are from other artists  –

Before/After comparison showing the visual improvements of the same level after I began working on the game:


Screenshots of the Forest Biome at various times of day:

PortfolioJungle1 PortfolioJungle2 PortfolioJungle3 PortfolioJungle4

Screenshots of the Desert Biome as various times of day:PortfolioDesert1 PortfolioDesert2 PortfolioDesert3 PortfolioDesert4

Closed settings panel for the game’s lighting manager showing typical artist controls:

Hatch-It Lighting Manager_Simple

Expanded settings panel showing range of features and customization:

Hatch-It Lighting Manager

Expanded settings panel showing the terrain tile controller options

Hatch-It Terrain Controller


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