Mega Moves

Game Description:

“Mega Moves™ is the fascinating grid game of attacking strategies! The many avenues of Mega Moves™ create a unique type of “wide open” play never before experienced in any other board game, yet it is still simple enough for the entire family to enjoy. Add to this the unpredictable roll of the special MegaDice and you will soon see that Mega Moves™ is MEGA FUN!”

The Mega Moves digital version has been released on the App Store for IOS devices.

Mega Moves board game official site

Article about the creation of the board game

Work Description:

Highlights of my work as a Technical Artist on this project:

  • Creation of glow/reflection effects on the game board
  • Faked reflections of game pieces
  • Scrolling background effect
  • Various glow effects on the tiles and movement selection indicators
  • Game piece movement animations
  • Implementation and testing of in-game GUI revisions
  • Assisting the lead programer in implementing features and changes


(Click to Enlarge) – GUI textures are from other artists –

MegaMoves_Start MegaMoves_MoveAnim MegaMoves_InProgress


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