Nationwide Insurance – Pipeline Project 2011


This project was a commission by the President of Nationwide Insurance for the Board of Directors to commemorate their 200’th anniversary as a company.  We had two weeks to come up with a concept and execute a 30 second animation highlighting Nationwide’s logos and styles throughout their history.  We had a total group size of 25 people, split amongst 2d and 3d artists with a few motion graphics artists.  My main job was to act as 3d team lead.  I had to make sure the 3d artists under me were on task due to the tight deadlines, and acted as a liaison between our team and the 3 other teams of artists.  In addition to my leadership role, I made the effects animation, designed the shader network, and set up the render settings to make sure we could composite our renders with the 2d artwork easily.  I was also lead sound designer, creating the sound effects and ambient noise for the piece; along with choosing the music to play in the background.  Finally, I also acted as a compositing supervisor.  That involved assisting the lead compositor in bringing everything together, and animating the eagle in After Effects.



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