Silver Sword


These images where a set of renders I made for a project I had called a construction project.  I took each of these images, cut them into half inch strips, and merged the strips (switching from one side’s view to the other) together into one large image for printing.  After I printed the composited image, I folded it like an accordian so that when you looked at the image from the left all you saw was the left angled render.  The idea was that once mounted , a viewer would be able to move from one side of the piece to the other and get a faked 3D effect.

My goal was to bring together the real world and a faked 3D world as much as possible.  To help that process I took light data from the room it would be shown in, along side an HDR light probe of said room.  That allowed me to create a light rig in Maya that mirrored the display room, and help bring out the illusion that the sword was in the room rather than just a printed render.

Design inspired by the silver sword by `Wen-M.


(Click to Enlarge)



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