Shader R&D Update Post 3

01 Oct

I wanted to post up the current dev build of my Advanced Water Shading System.  I have moved the water surface and foam layer shader, as well as the control script, to version 1.0.  That means all three have primary development complete, and have had their code cleaned up, commented, and formatted.

I compiled the current build with a looping camera fly-through, and have posted it up here:

If you don’t have the Unity web player (and don’t want to download it), you can see a desktop stream here:

Keep in mind, the compiled version is much smooth, and higher quality.

That build is using the current code, but still has the old terrain map in place.  I have Jillian working on a new terrain map, and when it is done I will merge the system into it.  I will consider that version my demonstration copy, and will release the finished system along side it.  I am basically ready to release the system now, but there is no documentation, so waiting for a demo copy before release gives me time to make the docs.

Here are the main feature improvements since the last post:

  1. New layered foam shader that runs along the coasts
  2. Improved animation controller with feathered ends instead of the old linear animations
  3. Setup texture and variable sharing between the the water surface shader and the foam shader to reduce user setup time
  4. More organized shader and control script properties, to make them easier to work with
  5. Improved displacement system
  6. Individual height controls for each wave normal map
  7. Tweaked textures to disable some mip-mapping (for a sharper appearance at longer distances), and increased texture anisotropic filtering to counter as much of the light flickering as possible over the surface of the water.
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